Excitement mounting!

I am so excited about the progress I’ve made in the past month. I’ve completed about half of the first draft of the book. My trusted advisers have given me great feedback. I’m hoping to work steadily during the month of May to complete the first draft. I love the little people I’m creating. Their faces remind me of my… Read more →


I have been working on my watercolor technique for over a year now, frustrated that I can’t get the result I want for my book illustrations. But I recently discovered the answer and I’m filled with renewed vigor for creating the little people of my book. Here is a little sample… Read more →

The book?

I decided almost two years ago to resign from my full time job in order to complete a project I started more than 20 years ago–a children’s book. Since then I’ve been asked by many people, “How’s the book going?” In order  to return to my book, I needed to unearth a box into which I had packed the text,… Read more →

Change of seasons

Summer is over and I already miss it. Slowly, slowly, I let go of it with a sense of melancholy; the long, busy days, greenery, gardens, coaxing flowers and vegetables into fullness, being outside in the warm fragrant air, hot sun on my skin, the smell and sound of rain. As autumn deepens, mixed emotions swirl like falling leaves. I… Read more →


My mother has always cared for me. In my earliest memories she soothes my hurts and fears, sits with me on my narrow bed while she brushes the bangs from my forehead and bends to add a kiss. Throughout my life she has been my greatest champion, harshest critic, fiercest defender, wisest teacher and best example.   Even though her… Read more →


I try to practice mindfulness. What does the word mindfulness mean to me? I find that “mindfulness” can mean a great many things. It’s having an open heart and open mind. It’s being grounded in the present. It’s living with compassion rather than judgement, listening carefully and recognizing the place in each person where I can see we are brothers and sisters. It’s not… Read more →