Everyday Haiku

I taught a young man
to find beauty in haiku
he wrote one for me

goodbye Major Tom
you’ve filled my life with music
your songs will live on

the house is quiet
after much food and laughter
happy memories

trivia tonight
I am useless to my team
my brain is Swiss cheese

I’m hoping for snow
white dust on the trees and lawns
Christmas in the air

December Haiku

SADD this time of year
let’s forget the Christmas tree
and trim me instead

I could use some lights
sparkly glitter shiny bulbs
on my prickly self

wedding day today
making happy memories
to last a whole life

home grown destruction
American terrorists
kill our own again

huge yellow moonrise
glows in darkening blue sky
glimpsed through leafless trees

you know you are more
than the very worst thing that
you have ever done

I wear magic shoes
they keep me from falling down
on the curling ice

today smelled like spring
mud snow grass sunshine
relief hope joy thanks

burgers on the grill
smoky chill in the night air
welcome, Spring! please stay!

my mug and tea bag
smoked up in the microwave
without any water

time for March Madness
brackets on ESPN
I forgot my picks

happy birthday B
always alive in my heart
so sing, sing a song

final curling match
put away our brooms and shoes
til autumn is here

dinner with dear friends
happy they are part of our
chosen family

hearts palpitating
will they oh please yes yes yes
on to sweet sixteen

five inches of snow
looked lovely in December
now it just plain sucks

ideas in my head
flowing out through my paintbrush
do not look the same

I have a problem
not alcohol or drugs but
peanut m & m’s

time for opening
spring air gently eddies through
windows doors and hearts

a beautiful day
my senses overflowing
smells sights sounds of spring

what is paradise?
sun sand turquoise blue waves
with people I love

sun-drenched salt covered
skin that’s been covered for months
feel the ocean breeze

worms on the sidewalk
wiggling and squiggling along
Spring is really here

boys walk in the park
ask questions about Buffy
sweet innocent boys

flurries yesterday
frost on the ground this morning
daffodils don’t mind

people make mistakes
it is just a fact of life
we need to forgive

I upset a world
tipping up a garden rock
frantic running ants

what to make of faith?
opiate of the masses
or the divine’s touch?

I have done nothing
to earn a great privilege
my white colored skin

body mind and soul
a good kind of exhaustion
gardening all day

calla lily bulbs
brought out and planted again
like seeing old friends

spring has fled from us
today I wore a fleece hat
when I walked the dog

early morning flight
Rich goes halfway round the world
to give people sight

Rich schmoozes and dines
with Chinese dignitaries
here I walk the dog

where are the haikus
that I create happily?
hiding, it would seem

some people carry
great difficulties and pain
and do it with grace

such a simple joy
small seeds planted growing grown
colors bursting bright

strawberry harvest
they are for the food pantry
but I snuck a few

the air smells so sweet
this beautiful June morning
grateful for my life

summer thunderstorm
fills the senses for minutes
then rumbles away

late night out for me
Tom’s sweet friends include me in
trivia and drinks

it might be that time
shake the dust off my sandals
move to the next thing

fox got the rabbits
this year my lilies have bloomed
thank you Mrs. Fox

humid hazy day
air heavy with summer scents
clover coming rain

it must be peaceful
to have unquestioning faith
my doubts drive me nuts

brilliant sunset
our last night in Seattle
fun family fun

I begin the day
by picking up Buffy’s poop
how does your day start?

only five more days
til beach sun sand family
my soul nourishment

Wisconsin sunrise
as we point the packed car east
Cape Cod here we come!

are we there yet Rich?
we’re only in Ohio
two more states til Mom’s

a bright spot ahead
Ohio lasts forever
good-bye dear Midwest

trees and rolling hills
increasing elevations
I’ve missed you New York!

the moon is rising
over exit thirty-two
getting close to home

the mighty Hudson
winding its long way southward
good-bye Albany

my ears are popping
climbing up and winding down
the Berkshire Mountains

filled with gratitude
family friends sea sunset
life is beautiful

reading in the sun
floating in an inner tube
looking for sea glass

night sky filled with stars
Big Dipper and Milky Way
shooting stars moonrise

“Bob Marley is dead
he’s got for no ganja for me”
this heard on the beach

I broke my left wrist
last time it was the right one
a matching set now

surgery today
fixing my broken left wing
thankful for good care

so many wishes
from my friends and family
thank you for your love

farewell Oliver
the world is a better place
because you were here

I find it scary
to put my artwork out there
like baring my soul

the dog is moping
why does the man ignore her?
it’s football season

nine one one oh one
disbelief terror sorrow
monarch butterfly

behind my eyelids
aurora borealis
seen by me alone

a walk in the woods
Buffy prances Rich ambles
I bumble along

crazed morning glory
started from a tiny seed
I wish you could stay

housing for homeless
some neighbors don’t want it near
I’m so frustrated

long talk with my friend
sharing hearts hopes pain fears joy
feeling gratitude

big things can happen
when compassionate people
each do one small thing

rare blood moon eclipse
watching barefoot faces raised
filled with wonderment

many good people
near far fleeting enduring
deeply touch my life

new student Thursday
learning behind the jail walls
meaning both of us

words on a white page
unlock freedom hope wisdom
reading is the key

some terrible things
are beyond me to forgive
rage boils inside me

happy feast day Dad
is there someone in heaven
to pull on your ears?

spring teased us today
sunny sixty-eight degrees
soon back to forties

burgers on the grill
smoky chill in the night air
welcome, Spring! please stay!

today smelled like spring
mud snow grass sunshine
relief hope joy thanks

I wear magic shoes
they keep me from falling down
on the curling ice

menopause haiku #4?5?

whose body is this
beneath my wrinkling face?
it is all lumpy

the snow is melting
grass and mud are peeking out
along lawn edges

six o’clock daylight
hooray for the extra sun
at least for one day

huge chocolate bar
meant to be eaten all week
gone in just one day

more icy sidewalks
after three inches of snow
the dog is depressed

people are fragile
relationships aren’t easy
we need to be kind

cold cold cold cold cold
cold cold cold cold cold cold cold
cold cold cold cold cold

at the train station
waiting for my elder son
of course train is late

someone I love hurts
and I don’t have the power
to wipe it away

happy birthday bro
it’s great to spend time with you
the years go too fast

my old shared bedroom
I blink and see my sister
in the other bed

waiting for my flight
watching people come and go
soon I’ll be with Mom

cannot get to sleep
mind rushes runs jumps torments
why won’t it shut up?

only one more week
waiting to see family
friends mountains New York

here’s a happy thought
the days are getting longer
Spring will come one day

will I ever learn
not to try to cut my hair?
I have a bald spot

the nest is empty
just me and Rich and Buffy
watching basketball

Badgers and Purdue
Kaminski shows em who’s hot
on this frigid night

throw stones fall down
get bruises on my left knee
it’s curling season!

tomorrow I drive
to Pittsburgh to fetch my Joe
happy already

new baby new life
the family grows in love
and my heart dances

golden locust trees
a picture to remember
when snow is thigh high

atience patience dear
I say to Mom and myself
then we play Scrabble

a new year of life
thank you for birthday wishes
my friends near and far

such a pretty sight
blue sky full of golden leaves
drifting to the ground

beautiful fall day
trees drip droplets of color
make a rainbow world

it should be easy
why is it so hard?

just do what I can
it is not all up to me
keep on believing

glowing morning moon
shining through leafless branches
gently helps me see

it’s not about me
I still need to work on that
the rest of my life?

full moon smiles at me
takes my worries of the day
so I can smile too

a thing of beauty
Rich exclaimed about his brat
and then he ate it

I wanted sassy
for my new haircut but got
middle aged pinhead

lots of barriers
when one tries to change one’s life
persistence needed

I made some pesto
with the last of the basil
summer went too fast!

color change on top
like the hair atop my head
underneath the dye

golden locust trees
a picture to remember
when snow is thigh high

bright splash of orange
announces with cheer “it’s time
for color again!”

the full moon rises
we are together again
my heart is full too

tiny cottages
lined up by the water’s edge
here one can find peace

ocean sun rises
turns the sea yellow orange
warms the misty morn

Cape Cod is the best
even on a misty day
nothing can compare

hazy hot humid
glow sweat drip drink aaah that’s good
we love the summer

my first tomato
I can’t wait to slice it up
yummy summer bliss

I carried daisies
down the long long aisle in church
my Dad held my hand

I have not written
a haiku for many days
but today I do

behold the lily
it escaped from the rabbit
the first time this year

reading in the sun
one of my favorite things
this beautiful day

my niece’s prom night
how can that little girl be
a young woman now?

rumble crash crack flash
turn off all the lights and
sit and watch the storm

irises decked out
for the spring cotillion
in satin and frills

cool crisp clear mornings
sunny lilac scented days
birdsong fills the air

lunch with my loved ones
laughter stories first meetings
fed body and soul

the last time I saw
the sun shining in the sky
I was in Cancun

too rainy and cold
to come up with any words
to form a haiku

I have learned this truth
in my fifty-five plus years:
fat looks better tanned

sun salt wind water
turquoise cerulean blue
waves crash I find peace

Easter morning sky
whispers hope new beginnings

to feel the hot sun on skin
and dip in the sea

smell of fecund earth
crocuses reach for the sun
it really is Spring!

I’ve signed up to be
a literacy volunteer
reading gives us wings

I love yoga pants
but my blue jeans are jealous
they’ve shrunk in protest

one more month til March
at which time I will declare
almost time for Spring

mistakes have been made
crooked bangs hide jagged brows
I cut my own hair

knees bruised from falling
on the cold, hard curling sheet
yoga is painful

twenty-something kids
finding their way in this world
my heart aches for them

I’m back home again
and grateful for the time spent
with people I love

talk laugh remember
weave new threads into the cloth
that makes up our lives

my friends near and far
I send you gratitude
for touching my life

the table is set
we wait for cars, trains and planes
we’re so excited!

in my mother’s house
I close my eyes and I am
ten years old again

fifty-five years old
more life behind than ahead
I am still a nerd

pie for my breakfast
more pie for my dinner, too
and now for a snack…

was it lazy to
spend the whole day reading or
was it a good thing?

good book, warm blanket
choc’late covered pineapple,
hot tea, contentment

misty winter morn
crows cackle caw and complain
this damp day is theirs

full stomach, full heart,
life full of loving people
always room for more

I am filled with thanks
for health, peace, joy, contentment,
friendship, family

menopause haiku #3

my brain is filled with
misfiring neurons and
unbridged synapses

tonight when I curl
I plan to stay on my feet
and off my fat ass

trees are draped in lace
like mantillas worn in church
when I was a girl

colored lights peek out
from under the mantle of
a new coat of snow

snow plow awakens
sleepy husband who murmurs
then, later, complains

trees lift winter limbs
to the early setting sun
a star winks at them

menopause haiku #2

my thighs and buttocks
seem to be injected with
large curd cottage cheese

 throngs of people shop,
talk, walk, laugh under
Michigan Ave. lights

two inches of snow
I wore my jammies all day
even shoveling

the wind shrieks and howls
angry because winter comes
and I sympathize

I need chocolate
but there is none to be found
what’s a girl to do?

the years have flown by
since I was in my twenties
but that me still lives

the oak leaves hang on
long after other leaves fall
letting go is hard

rain rain rain rain rain
I should have raked yesterday
but the leaves will wait

it must be like this
to wake up in Rivendell
surrounded by gold

tonight in the park
a man does Tai Chi alone
it is beautiful

great dinner with friends
sharing food, drink, and our lives
these are our riches

out for dinner soon
my favorite: Italian!
yum yum yum yum yum

this is menopause
curves turn into lumpy lumps
even small things sag

walking with the dog
the waxing moon lights our way
on this cold, clear night

curling is a sport
of which I am ignorant
but I joined a league

tofu resembles
a pink rubber eraser
when sautéed with beets

winter just woke up
stretched and hit the snooze button
not yet time, but soon

bought three dog toys
and a pretty pink collar
I miss my children

it is time for bed
so much to be thankful for
I am truly blessed

under our back deck
a wide eyed raccoon hunkers
driving the dog mad

a tray full of paint
upended on the carpet
oh shit shit shit shit

thirty years have passed
since Rich and I were married
more than half my life

the dog waits for me
we start each day with a walk
I carry the poop

Spray, spray, scrub, scrub, scrub
the ugly brown carpet stain.
Now there’s a bald spot.

I am pulling off
the last shreds of wallpaper
“Good riddance!,” I say

betwixt and between
the past, present, and future
how to be here now?

family visit
spending time with our loved ones
gives us happy hearts

so many cookies
waiting patiently for me
I had to eat them

getting together
we are teenagers again
the years melt away

road trip tomorrow
visiting some dear girl friends
I’ve known since high school

I have forgotten
the names of some of the streets
where I used to live

my sons were having
An epic ninja battle
I don’t know who won

curled up on the couch
we talk, laugh, share a blanket
my Person and me

a fingernail moon
hanging in the starry sky
glowing, white, perfect

joy from a spider
hanging from her ceiling thread
drop down, climb. again!

a fresh coat of paint
rearranging some old stuff
I make things pretty

fall Saturday night
Rich watches college football
the dog licks her butt

thoughts feelings flow flood
notice them then let them go
living in the now

can’t get back to sleep
might as well get up and write
a sleepy haiku

the nose, a spigot
with a slow and steady drip
I have a bad cold

must I pull my blooms?
I have trouble letting go
even though it’s time

colors fall from trees
dressed in feathers, jewels, fire
crackling underfoot

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