The book?

I decided almost two years ago to resign from my full time job in order to complete a project I started more than 20 years ago–a children’s book. Since then I’ve been asked by many people, “How’s the book going?”

In order  to return to my book, I needed to unearth a box into which I had packed the text, preliminary drawings, and my art supplies. When I opened that box it was like reconnecting with old friends. I smiled to see the faces of children I had created and felt a kind of love for those little people. I picked up my drawing pencils and was filled with joy for the feel of the pencil in my hand and the simple act of making lines and curves on paper. Creating.

Because I had told so many people about my plan, I felt a bit pressured to produce the finished product in a reasonable amount of time. How long would that be? Six months? A year? I constructed a timeline and made efforts to approach this work in the same way I devoted myself to employment. Timeline, production outline, goals, objectives and lots of dedication. Then I broke my dominant arm.

As I was healing, it occurred to me that in order to finish the book, I must return to the person I was when I conceived it. I believe that art comes from the place inside ourselves that is touched by something other than our emotions, sensations, or intellect; a place called the soul, mind, spirit. The past two years has been an exploration of that place within me. It’s hard to explain that the book isn’t much closer to publication without sounding like I’m making excuses. But I have been very busy!


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  1. Charlie
    November 7, 2014 at 8:33 pm

    You were bummed when you injured your arm. But it helped spur your explorations of soul, mind, and spirit. I’m so proud to tell people about the work you do.

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