About Me

I’ve spent the majority of my professional life in two fields: social work (specifically pertaining to end-of-life care) and educational administration (providing support and development opportunities to public-school administrators in New York and Wisconsin).

I retired in 2014, and since then, I’ve become increasingly involved in justice system reform. I currently sit on the board of directors of the Jail Ministry and assist with grant writing and publications. I also am the Director of the Jail Tutoring Project which provides tutors to individuals in the county jail. I am a tutor providing one-on-one tutoring to men who are incarcerated. I am active with MOSES (Madison Organizing in Strength, Equality and Solidarity) in promoting change in our current criminal justice system.

I have spent a great deal of time completing The Place Where Love Lives. It is my hope that this little book will help children, and the adults who read to them, develop greater empathy for others and an understanding that we are connected by our common humanity. I welcome people from other areas of the country and the world to join me in spreading this message of compassion, tolerance and love.